Projektengagemang contributes to a sustainable community through creating functional and aesthetic environments for people to live in. We specialise within architecture and community planning. Our references include to a large extent new and refurbishment projects within education, housing and infrastructure.

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Lotta Werner Flyborg
Affärsområdeschef Arkitektur
+46 10-516 03 10


We have the skills required to undertake projects within every phase of a property's life cycle, from site preparation and new-build to renovation and modernisation of an existing building, plus property development. We provide strategic consultancy, specialist services and comprehensive solutions.

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Mathias Thorsson
Affärsområdeschef Byggnad
+46 10-516 08 12

Electrical, telecommunications & safety

We provide installation engineering services at all stages of the building process. We seek to increase the value for our customers’ businesses, and to create comfortable and functional environments for people to live in. 

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Johan Renvall
Affärsområdeschef El, Tele & Säkerhet
+46 10-141 90 51

Hvac and sanitation systems

Installations are a large part of building costs, and vital to a building’s function. There are strict requirements for indoor climate and communications, along with focus on environmental impact legislation bringing new challenges. We provide strategic consultancy, specialist services and comprehensive solutions.

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Linda Lönneberg
Affärsområdeschef VVS
+46 10-516 03 97

Industry & energy

Strategic consultancy, specialist skills and comprehensive help to anyone working with and plant within industrial production. A high skills level and extensive experience mean we provide concept and ideas, preliminary studies, project management, process dimensioning, estimates, validation, construction, programming and commissioning. 

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Hans Paulsson
Affärsområdeschef Industri och energi
+46 10-516 00 64


Projektengagemang provides strategic consultancy and comprehensive services within infrastructure for the state, local authorities, entrepreneurs and private individuals. We have the competence to help you with preliminary idea studies and analysis to project planning, plus project and project planning management.  

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Örjan Bryggö
Affärsområdeschef Infrastruktur
+46 10-516 05 55

Project management

A complete range of project management services within buildings, installations, infrastructure, industry and energy. We always safeguard the customer's interests in a project, and ensure that our work is tailored to meet financial, functional and timetable requirements.

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Patric Kjellin
Affärsområdeschef Projektledning & Management
+46 10-516 03 78