Projektengagemang has the skills required to undertake projects within every phase of a property's life cycle, from site preparation and new-build to renovation and modernisation of an existing building, plus property development - and all in a sustainable manner. We provide strategic consultancy, specialist services and comprehensive solutions.

The technical content of a building is now more complex and extensive than ever as a result of general technical advances and energy-saving measures. We always focus on coordination between installation systems, buildings and their function in the work we do, resulting in them being eco-friendly, energy and cost-efficient.

Projektengagemang can help you with concept and ideas, pilot studies, project planning, construction, inspection and follow up on completed projects within:

  • Building construction
  • Acoustics
  • Soil mechanics and measurement techniques
  • Energy, the environment and sustainability
  • Strategic consultancy for property development and administration
  • Impact on the surroundings (risk analysis, inspection, vibration measurement)
  • 3D laser scanning and property documentation.

We work with public and private sector customers within the entire building and property sector.

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