Projektengagemang provides strategic consultancy and comprehensive services within infrastructure for the state, local authorities, entrepreneurs and private individuals. We have the competence to help you right from preliminary idea studies and analysis to detailed project planning and building, plus project and project planning management.

We always take into account climate impact and the environment in the same straightforward way as the financial aspects. We often work in the customer's own production department.

Projektengagemang’s employees have deep and thorough know-how within:

  • Landscape architecture
  • Road and street planning
  • Ground and water project planning
  • Water purification (water and sewage purification plants)
  • Railway (track, electricity, signal, telecom)
  • Construction (buildings, bridges and construction)
  • Bridge and construction maintenance and repair
  • Soil mechanics and foundations, geoconstructions
  • Surveying (setting out, measurement, mapping, volume calculations, 3D scanning)
  • Impact on the surroundings (risk analysis, inspection, vibration measurement)

Collectively, we have vast experience within concrete and steel constructions, railway work, road work, bridge work, tunnel work, harbour building, land development plus changes to and impact on the landscape.

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