Vision and business concept

The core of Projektengagemang lies in detailed knowledge and a will to improve. Projektengagemang will revolutionise the industry through a very high level of commitment, entrepreneurial spirit and detailed knowledge amongst our engineers and architects. Our ambition is to create maximum customer value by deep understanding of their business situation.

Business concept
We create extra value for our customers through the provision of qualified consultancy services and solutions within architecture, construction, infrastructure, industry and project management.  

We will revolutionise our industry.


Projektengagemang’s strategy for profitability is based on our people, organisation and the customer’s interests. It rests on three key concepts that permeate our entire group. These strategically vital concepts describe our core values:

1. Know-how – Ensured via specialists with depth and breadth, enabling quality-assured high productivity and cost-effectiveness.

2. Integration – The criteria for a structured, interdisciplinary and inclusive approach have been developed through systems and routines that will give the customer attractive commercial solutions.

3. More value for the customer – Created by being the best at analysing the customer’s business benefits and proactively formulating a proposal to match.

Per Hedebäck
VD och koncernchef (CEO)
+46 10-516 03 52