What our employees say

Projektengagemang has over 1000 fantastic employees who deliver highly qualified consultancy services within all our expert areas. But what do engineers or architects actually do at Projektengagemang, and what is the best way to work as a consultant? Read on to hear what some of our own people think.

The best thing is to be a team member and to contribute to the common good

– The best thing is to be a team member and to contribute to the common good. I am motivated by using my experience and know-how to help and support others in their processes to bring value and achieve targets.

Using methods and tools within communication and management that generate a structured and efficient way of working is my speciality.

So says Märit Bodaxell, Process Manager at Projektengagemang Projektledning. Read the full interview here.

Maria Persson - driven by challenges

– Dare to make mistakes. There’s nothing dangerous about doing something wrong. Put your best foot forward and make contacts you can use. Dare to ask for help and to solve a problem.

That’s Maria's advice to engineering students on their way into a career. Read more about how Maria finds her job as Section Manager at Projektengagemang Industri in Skövde here.

Never stop being curious

– Never stop being curious! You can never learn enough as an engineer, and part of our job is to always tackle things. We are troubleshooters. Advice from Johan Eriksson, Project Manager and Group Manager at Projektengamang Installation electricity, an engineer starting his career. He prefers to spend his time off out on the water.

– I love kite surfing and surfing. It’s such a great feeling to be in the water - it feels as if all the problems in the world cease to exist.

Read the full interview here.

Working as an architect is creative and challenging

– The best is that I get to work with something I think is great. Working as an architect is creative and challenging. Read the full interview with Oscar Istam here.

Variation and new challenges are the best thing about my job

– It's important that everyone within the company has equal opportunities, regardless of gender or ethnicity. Projektengagemang is a leader within such issues, something I am really glad about. I am active myself in KVIST as a member of the recently started “Kvinnliga ingenjörs- och arkitektsällskapet” (female engineers and architects group).

A quote from Madelene Björn who works as an estimation engineer at Projektengagemang Industri in Karlstad. Read the full interview here.