Hvac and sanitation systems

Projektengagemang provides installation services at all stages of the building process. We provide strategic consultancy, specialist services and comprehensive solutions. Everything with the ultimate aim of increasing value for our customers’ businesses, and to create comfortable and functional environments for people to live in.

Installations are a large part of building costs, and vital to a building’s function. There are strict requirements for indoor climate and communications, along with focus on environmental impact legislation bringing new challenges. To achieve the intended function in combination with environment law and low overall costs requires a comprehensive approach to installations. We believe that the interplay between installation system, buildings and their function should always be at the centre of what we do. 

Projektengagemang can help you with concept and ideas, pilot studies, project planning, construction, inspection and follow up on completed projects within:

  • Plumbing (heating, ventilation and sanitary ware)
  • Cooling
  • Medical gases
  • Control and monitoring

We work with installation engineering for new-build and refurbishment of all types of properties, such as commercial and public premises, industry, hospital/health centres, laboratories, homes, sports facilities, schools, shopping centres and shops.

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