At the core of our business concept is a burning desire to improve. That is why sustainability is a consistent theme in all areas of our business. By taking responsibility for our employees, clients, suppliers and the environment, we are building the society of tomorrow.

Knowledge changes society
Back in 2006, PE was founded with an idea of building a new type of company that actively contributes to benefiting society. We know that the consultancy, plans and documents we deliver have a major impact on the environment and on society. That is why we shape landscapes, buildings and other solutions in a way that boosts ecosystem services and contributes to greater biological diversity and resilience.
The fact that we maintain a wide range of skills under one roof is an advantage. This approach enables us to cover sustainability from multiple angles: from choice of materials, surface water solutions and energy efficiency, to ecosystem services and compensation schemes in development and densification.

Strategy, 2017–20
Our sustainability strategy is the hub around which our work revolves. It is founded in Sweden’s environmental goals and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our strategy is an evolving document that we work on day in, day out and all year round. For the period 2017–20, we are focusing on four target areas:

  • Employees: emphasis on employees’ individual motivation and on creating a workplace that encourages employee involvement and development.
  • Environment and emissions: our systematic environmental work is founded on our environmental management system, which is based on the ISO 14001:2015 standard.
  • Sustainable district and property: we develop employees’ awareness and capabilities while creating the conditions for taking an integrated approach to sustainability.
  • Materials: we already use several environmental databases to help us make the right choices of materials. We now intend to conduct in-house training to improve employees’ skills regarding classification of goods.

The best sustainability report in the industry
We strive to present the best sustainability report in the industry. The report helps provide a straightforward overview of our improvements, and encourages us constantly to do better. Our report naturally complies with the guidelines for GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

Our work in the field of sustainability is no secret; PE is part of society. And if any other companies in the sector want to follow our lead, they are welcome to do so. We also offer our clients the service of preparing their own sustainability reports.